I am a transformation in progress and currently under construction...doing my best to live L.I.F.E. following these basic principles:

Living with an open heart,

Intuition is the compass of choice,

Furthering my soul's evolution,

Engaged and present in the Now.

Credit: http://awarenessoftheheart.com/

Creative expression through poetry, spoken word, drawing and painting are a few of my passions.  I believe art is an expression of one's soul.  Art is a feeling, a knowing, a way to speak, and share with the world, what the soul yearns to expose.   I consider myself a novice writer who has a strong passion for poetry and writes from the heart.  You'll often find me doodling and drawing, writing random phrases and words on scraps of paper, or pulling out my camera to photograph moments and experiences that inspire me.  Thank you for visiting my poetry blog.  Share your thoughts....as I've shared mine.  Any and all comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.  To find out how this blog came to fruition, please click on the "And so...it begins!" link under the Blog Archive list, located on the left side of the blog.  So stay tuned and check my blog often....my intention is to try and post new poetry everyday.  

Please note that all writing and poetry posted in "Regenesis of the Sultry Tongue," are owned, written and authored by Bamboo's daughter.  Thus, Bamboo's daughter owns all rights to the writing and poetry posted in this blog, "Regenesis of the Sultry Tongue."  Any unauthorized use of this material without consent from Bamboo's daughter, will be reported. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  I look forward to your comments and feedback.  Thank you for joining me on my journey of learning, transformation and evolution.